About Us

Company Profile:
    Yueqing Kehai Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kehai Electrical Appliances") was established in March 2011, with registered capital of 1.68 million yuan. It is located at the foot of Yandang Mountain, the coast of the East China Sea and the Bank of Oujiang River. It has beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. It is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacture and sale of explosion-proof electrical products in Liushi, Zhejiang Province.
    At present, Kehai Electrical Appliances'main product series are mobile lighting, fixed lighting, explosion-proof lighting, explosion-proof lighting, explosion-proof electrical appliances, three-proof distribution boxes, explosion-proof pipe fittings, explosion-proof accessories and other products of series specifications, which are mainly applicable to petroleum, petrochemical, coal, electric power, medicine, aviation, military and other special dangerous places.
    In line with the principle of "customer first, quality first", the company has established and improved a rigorous quality standard inspection system, treated R&D with outstanding and innovative thinking, treated products with scientific and rigorous attitude, treated customers with sincere and enthusiastic service, and treated business with honesty and pragmatism, striving to achieve one of the large-scale, modern and professional explosion-proof electrical enterprises.
    In the future, Kehai Electrical Appliances will be the main force in the field of explosion-proof electrical appliances in China and even in the world... We are confident and able to provide you with high-quality explosion-proof products and high-quality services. We also believe that "value" is relative and "friend" is eternal.

Corporate culture:
1、Brand Spirit: Practice is Better than Speech
2、Business philosophy: integration, mutual assistance, cooperation and win-win situation
3、Competition Idea: Never Forget the Beginning Mind, Move Forward, Continuously Beyond
4、Team Idea: Create a Military-like Executive Force, School-like Learning Force, Family-like Happy Environment

Sales network:
    "Only buy right, don't buy expensive" is the original intention of Kehai Electrical Appliance Company. The company recruits all distributors of explosion-proof electrical appliances throughout the country to provide users with more direct product experience, improve customer service and achieve win-win tripartite cooperation.

After-sale service:
1、The company produces, manufactures and sells in strict accordance with the national quality standard inspection system.
44、The company implements three guarantees of quality for one year and three years for special series of products.
3、Any quality problems occur during the warranty period. The company appoints specialists to cooperate with the tracking within 12 hours, formulates solutions within 24 hours, and handles them completely within 48 hours.

Free service:
    In order to facilitate users to choose the type to read, our company provides the latest type selection manual free of charge, transportation costs are borne by our company.
    According to the actual needs of users, our company provides the best use of explosion-proof electrical appliances free of charge, saving users'time and cost.
    Real-time online full-scale product video demonstration, to facilitate users to understand the product functions and other specific circumstances.
   According to the needs of customers, laser the enterprise name, LOGO, advertising language, telephone, internal management number and other information on products.

More free services to consult sales staff.