NFC9186 LED Platform lamp

NFC9186 LED Platform lamp

NFC9186 LED平台灯图片

NFC9186 LED platform lamp application range:
1、widely used in electric power, metallurgy, railway, oil fields, petrochemical, public security, fire fighting, coal, troops, ports, stadiums, civil aviation, ships and machinery manufacturing and other basic industries lighting.
2、It is widely used in strong vibration, strong impact, strong corrosion, high and low temperature, high humidity, high pressure, electromagnetic interference, wide voltage input and other environments.

NFC9186 LED platform lamp technical parameters:
1、rated voltage: AC220V 50Hz
2、rated power: 50W 70W
3、light source type: SMD3030 5500K
4、Average life span: 50000h
5、The dimension of the shape: 280X285
6、product weight: 5kg

NFC9186 LED platform lamp product features:
1、energy saving: reduce the total energy consumption of lighting, and the luminous efficiency is greater than 100lm/W, which is more than 50 higher than that of fluorescent lighting.
2、high lighting comfort: no glare, no stroboscopic, bright and comfortable lighting environment, reduce misoperation and visual fatigue, improve work efficiency and quality.
3、high quality LED, good heat dissipation structure, LED temperature rise is only 10 degrees, life longer than 100 thousand hours.
4、meet the waterproofing requirements from the structural design, the product shell protection level reaches IP66, and can be used reliably in various indoor and outdoor places.
5、high strength metal shell and advanced surface spraying process, anticorrosion grade WF2. It can work reliably in various corrosive environments for a long time.