NFE9178 Emergency wall lamp


NFE9178 emergency wall lamp applicable place:
It is suitable for emergency lighting in various places such as power, metallurgy, ships, transportation facilities, workshops, warehouses, trenches, laneways and so on.

NNFE9178 emergency wall lamp technical parameters:
1、rated voltage: AC220V 50Hz
2、customer power: 5X1W 5X2W 5X3W
3、shell protection: IP65
4、discharge time: 6H
5、charge time: 24h
6、Insulation grade: I
7、anticorrosion grade: WF2
8、Total weight: 1.85Kg
9、Shape size: 220x240x70mm

NFE9178 performance characteristics of emergency wall lamp:
1、with the power failure simulation test function, it can quickly test whether the function of the lamp is normal after installation.
2、the light source adopts solid state environmental protection LED, and the power consumption is only 40% of the metal halide lamp.
3、Efficient heat dissipation structure can effectively solve the problem of LED attenuation due to temperature rise, thus ensuring LED life to 100 thousand hours.
4、The shell is made of lightweight alloy, wear resistant, corrosion resistant, waterproof and dust-proof.
5、Transparent parts are made of optical PC material with high transmittance and good impact resistance. They can make lamps and lanterns work in all kinds of harsh environments.
6、Emergency power supply adopts polymer lithium battery, which is safe and efficient and has long service life.