BED150/100W Led Explosion-proof Lamp

BED150/100W Led Explosion-proof Lamp
1、Voltage: 110-260VAC
2、Power: 70-100W
3、Lumens: 6500-9500lm
4、Color: 5500K — 6500K
5、Beam Angle: 120°
6、Warranty: 36 Months

1、Ideal to be used in the oilfield, chemical industry, steel industry, power, port, Petroleum etc.
2、harsh environment, moist area.
3、Zone 1, Zone2
4、gas explosive environment : Group IIA IIB IIC
5、Zone 21, Zone 22
6、emperature class: T1 to T6

1、Adopts America BridgeLux LED light source, can save 60% on energy than metal  halide lamp.
2、The blade-shape housing and heat sink on back cover ensure the lamp to  efficiently dissipate heat so that prolong LED life.
3、Taiwan Meanwell LED driver, power factor>0.98, more stable performance.
4、  Adjustable position-locking device on the bracket can tightly fix the lamp to any desired angle, keep the lamp from moving in harsh vibration area.
5、The anti corrosion aluminum alloy body is powder coated, anti corrosion, dust proof, water proof. Suitable to be used in harsh environment.
6、Flame proof type of protection, safe for use in all kinds of inflammable and explosive area.
7、The lamp can parallel connected , no need to use the junction box.
8、beam angle: 90°(standard),  60°, 120°and streetlight beam angle is optional.


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